Hire Me

I am entering the workforce as a young professional communicator extraordinaire, and you can get a piece of the action.

Here are some worthwhile gigs I’ve had in the past:

September 2015-December 2015 | Syracuse, NY

  • Weekly posting of 600-800 word stories pertaining to Community Foundation operations and grants on WordPress
  • Media monitoring and scheduling social posts on Hootsuite and sharing platforms such as Flickr
  • Establish and maintain relationships with executive directors, board members and other community members that play a role in initiatives around Central New York

August 2012-December 2015 | Syracuse, NY

  • Lead a staff of 32 editors, writers, photographers, designers and illustrators in the production of a 36-page, once-a-semester community magazine
  • Created a multimedia section for the magazine, directing and producing six documentary-style videos to compliment written magazine content
  • Co-administer budget of around $6,000 USD for printing and events pertaining to the magazine.

May 2015-July 2015 | New York, NY

  • Assisted in editing video content for clients, transcribing and organizing footage in both English and Spanish languages
  • Designed storyboards and compile stock footage for more than 10 projects in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Office
  • Created lower-thirds, backgrounds and complimentary visual assets in Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop
  • Monitored and develop detailed reports on satellite media tours and resulting viewership utilizing Critical Mention
  • Shot interviews and b-roll on multiple cameras for clients

September 2013-December 2013 | Syracuse, NY

    • Research and development of a communications audit for client Save the Rain and the Syracuse Center of Excellence
    • Directed two focus groups of 6-8 people, facilitating discussion and recording key insights
    • Reported on-site findings from 2013 Community Summit on Green Infrastructure, hosted by the EPA
    • Provided client communications campaign tactics and strategies, situational analysis

September 2014-November 2014 | Santiago, Chile

  • Researched, wrote and pitched stories emphasizing connections between expat communities and local Chilean culture in the Santiago Metropolitan Region of Chile
  • Conducted interviews and transcribed texts and quotes from Spanish to English languages
  • Developed and maintained connections with local figures and representatives of Chilean organizations through meetings, phone and email exchanges

May 2013-August 2013 | Silverthorne, CO

  • Demonstrated knowledge of irrigation techniques and farming practices with six other ranchers during hay growing and bailing operations throughout the summer season
  • Safe operation of heavy machinery, powered and non-powered tools including chainsaws, skid-steers, hay balers, 4×4 trucks, pickaxes and hammers
  • Equestrian care in stables- fed, mucked and corralled 15 horses and one miniature donkey every morning