About Me

The name’s Trevor Zalkind. And I’m interested in all-kinds of topics.

Trevor in Santiago, Chile Metro

Big data and analytics? Count me in. Irrigation techniques? Yup. Storytelling? Yes sir/madam. Llama sweaters? Irrationally so. Spanish? Por Supuesto. Mountaineering/skiing/camping? I am from Colorado…

I am a well-rounded human being. I am a photographer, former ranch hand, editor-in-chief, Eagle Scout, aspiring diplomat, long-distance runner, and someone who will always say yes to a new opportunity.

In 2015, I obtained a degree from Syracuse University in public relations, international relations, and Spanish. As a Fellow at El Pomar Foundation, I consistently utilize my passions for storytelling and problem solving to highlight local communities and bring positive change to the State of Colorado.